Ten best movies for coming entrepreneurs.

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No one ever said being an entrepreneur would be easy. A million obstacles seem to stand in the way each and every day, yet take a break and look for some much needed motivation. And what better way to find inspiration than movies. So, here is list of ten best movies for coming entrepreneurs.

1. The Social Network.

The Social Network was released in the year 2010. This is another great movie that every entrepreneur should watch. It shows the meteoric rise of the world’s youngest billionaire and his Harvard dorm-room startup, Facebook.

2. Pirates of Silicon Valley.

Pirates of Silicon Valley was released in the year 1999. This is a classic film that shows the beginnings of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates as they built their technology empires in the 1980’s. It highlights their rivalry, trials and triumphs.

3. Boiler Room.

Boiler Room was released in the year 2000. Every entrepreneur in business faces moral dilemmas at some point in their career. This movie is about a 19 year old college dropout, Seth Davis, who is faced with a dire moral issue.

4. The Pursuit of Happyness,

The Pursuit of Happyness was released in the year 2006. It’s a powerful motivational movie based on a true story that will help you see the value of having a good attitude and strong work ethic in the pursuit of happiness and a better life.

5. Flash of Genius.

Flash of Genius was released in the year 2008. Anyone who’s an entrepreneur must watch this movie to understand why it’s important to protect your ideas from being stolen. This movie teaches an important lesson for all entrepreneurs to learn.

6. The Wolf of Wall Street.

The Wolf of Wall Street was released in the year 2013. This movie can teach every entrepreneur valuable lessons about success, fame, fortune, greed and respect for law. Discipline and awareness is critical to retain any success you achieve.

7. Office Space.

Office Space was released in the year 1999. If there’s ever a film that will make you laugh, give you a new outlook on life, motivate you to get out of a desk job you hate and fire you up to pursue a venture that you truly love, then this is it.

8. Limitless.

Limitless was released in the year 2011. This thrilling film about a struggling writer. This movie will teach you something about taking shortcuts, quick fixes and the easy path to success. Quick and easy fixes aren’t so easy after all.

9. Wall Street.

Wall Street was released in the year 1987. This is arguably one of the best entrepreneurial movies of all time. It follows an ambitious young stockbroker, who will do just about anything it takes to succeed as he is guided by the motto “Greed is good.”

10. The Godfather.

The Godfather was released in the year 1972. Another strong contender for the all-time greatest piece of film for entrepreneurs. This is for those who want to learn what it takes to get to the top, and more importantly what it takes to stay there.

“Great men are not born great, they grow great.”

Mario Puzo.
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