Ten most underrated professions in India.

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Just because the career you choose doesn’t fit in the ideal image of society doesn’t mean that you can’t be a path-breaker. If you have the right skills to reach the heights in life, you must take up unique career options that remain unexplored. So, here is a list of ten most underrated professions in India.

1. Farmers.

India being an agriculture dependent country still thinks of farming as the least preferred career choice. The stereotyped definition of farmers, as not educated enough has more or less degraded their value more in society.

2. Teachers.

Oh this person would have never bothered about career, that is why he or she is a teacher today. It’s pity when parents tell children this way. And believe me because of this, our whole nation is suffering from the bad quality of teachers.

3. Sanitary Workers.

They work day and nights to always give you a clean surrounding. Men and women, both clean the streets that Indians so immodestly paint it with litter, spit, garbage, plastics and what not. You mess things up on the street, they clean it.

4. Customer Service.

It’s not an easy task to make your voice reach the customer’s ears. They are available all time for solving all your queries. The stress of working long hours, night shifts and the demanding pace can be a significant challenge.

5. Prostitution.

Many of us don’t even consider it as a profession. There are around three million sex workers in India. Prostitution is legal in India. Prostitution within laws can reduce the large number of rape cases and sexual violence in the society.

6. Writers.

Being a writer is not an easy task. It requires great creativity. Writers work will exist even after the person is dead. Even if you don’t read books, you still watch movies or read newspaper or listen to music, that also originates from literature.

7. Delivery boys.

In the world of online marketing, our lives are incomplete without delivery boys. They can’t stop their delivery due to heat wave or massive rain. From carrying heavy weights to speaking to customers while riding on the bike, their life has no security.

8. Police Constables.

They comprise a major part of the total workforce of Police. Zero respect is given to them. They are hardly respected anywhere. No matter the constable is honest or corrupt. We tend to generalize things and see the picture from one perspective only.

9. Veterinarian.

This is one of the most underrated professions in India. When your pet gets sick you run to them for treatment, you spent money to keep your pet safe but people call them Animal Doctors. Veterinarian is as important as any doctor.

10. Security Guards.

They stay awake braving the chilled nights or scorching heat for your safety. They do not have any kind of insurance if anything were to happen, while on duty. They stand in their uniforms, with pride and smile no matter what.

“Every profession is perfect in it’s own dimension.

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