Ten important things school does not teach you.

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One of the greatest privileges we receive in the developed world is the universal education through schools, colleges, universities etc, that’s intended to prepare and equip us for life in the real world. But, this doesn’t mean they teach everything. So, here is a list of ten things that schools doesn’t teach you.

1. Managing Your Money.

Managing money is one of the most important things in everyone’s life regardless of whether they’re focused on building wealth or not. But, unfortunately this isn’t taught in schools and one must learn themselves from experiences.

2. Selling & Marketing Yourself.

The ability to sell and market yourself are core skills regardless of whatever path you choose to make your living. The skills of sales and marketing are not taught in school and as a result, most people lack the ability or desire to do it.

3. Managing Your Emotions.

It’s essential to gain mastery over our emotions, and while it’s not possible to stop these feelings from coming up, we can be better prepared to manage and control them when they do. If you can manage your emotions, you can master your life.

4. Communicate & Influence People.

To achieve success on any scale it’s essential to build your network of contacts and your team. Essential to doing this, is the ability to communicate with people, empathize and relate to them, also to be able to serve and influence them.

5. Being Successful and Happy.

At schools we are mostly equipped with knowledge and qualifications, but these alone doesn’t get us success and happiness. Success and happiness depends on the way we make use of those knowledge and qualifications in real life situations.

6. Starting & Scaling A Business.

It’s largely the private sector that generates the money that funds the public sector through taxes. As such, we should be encouraging people to start and scale their own businesses by teaching the essential skills to start and scale a business.

7. Solving Real-World Problems.

The solution to solving real-world problems may be to alter the focus of teaching towards practical application of the knowledge, or more likely to impart knowledge and skills in things that are more practically applicable to modern life.

8. Managing Your Time.

Managing our time is an essential skill that isn’t taught in schools. Once we get out from schools, many feel that they don’t seem to achieve anything significant in spite of having the same 24 hours in their day as everyone else.

9. Dealing With Rejection and Failure.

Rejection and failure are parts of the reality of taking the knowledge we’ve gained in school and applying this in a commercial context. No matter whatever path you choose to make your living, you will be rejected repeatedly and will fail many times.

10. Investing in ourselves.

In schools we’re not taught to improve ourselves and invest in our own personal development. We have the option and responsibility to invest in ourselves and equip ourselves for success and happiness. Start investing in yourself.

“The most valuable lessons aren’t taught. They are experienced.”

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Author: Madhusudhan

Learner. Reader. Writer.