Ten lessons people learn too late in life.

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Life is a continuous learning experience. Throughout our lives we keep rising and falling, picking up important lessons along the way. Some of these lessons come from experience and and some from world outside. Yet there are few lessons that are left. So, here is a list of ten lessons people learn too late in life.

1. Important People Come & Go, and that’s Okay.

Overnight, the most important people in your life can become strangers and complete strangers can become the most important people in your life. This process hurts, but if accepted, it improves quality and suitability of people in your life.

2. Your Diet Isn’t Just What You Eat.

As you get older you realize that your diet isn’t what you eat, it’s what you watch and read, who you follow and spend your time with. So if your goal is to have a healthier mind, you have to start by removing all the junk from your diet.

3. You Have to Let People Down to be Happy.

You and your mental health are more important than everything else in your life. If taking care of yourself means letting someone down, then let someone down. Your self-love must always be stronger than your desire to be loved by others.

4. Never Let Rejection Lead You to Self-Rejection.

A person who has experienced rejection fears rejection and tends to push or run away before they can be rejected. In their subconscious mind they have avoided rejection. In reality, they’ve been rejected again, this time by themselves.

5. Own Your Responsibilities, Own Your Future.

You’re not responsible for your trauma, but you are responsible for breaking the cycle and not hurting more people because of what happened to you. You will never control your future if you let your present be controlled by your past.

6. Quality Over Quantity.

Life is about quality, not quantity. Most people crave for quantity over quality, they wan’t everything more but not the best. One quality friend gives you many great experiences, which many friends who are not so good cannot give you.

7. Fairy Tales Will Make You Unhappy.

Obsessing over the things that society said you’re supposed to do will kill your happiness. Don’t listen to the fake fairy tales of how your life is supposed to be going. Everyone is different, and your path to happiness will be too.

8. Fun is Yours.

If you wan’t to enjoy life, don’t subscribe to other people’s definition of fun. Fun doesn’t have to mean drinking, partying and socializing. It can be a night in alone or doing work you love. Your fun belongs to you, make sure you define it.

9. Good Things Don’t Come Easy.

If you want to have a good life with a successful career, emotional satisfaction, and trustworthy friends you have to work hard. Luck can take you only so far and the rest is entirely up to you. Don’t think that someone else will fight your battles.

10. Live and Let Live.

We often try to help people when we see they’re making a mistake. This type of behavior can lead us into all kinds of troubles and misunderstandings. Don’t force your ideas onto others, let those who want your help seek you out.

“Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.”

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Author: Madhusudhan

Learner. Reader. Writer.