Ten types of people you need in life.

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We all have friends, the people that are there for us and would be there no matter what. We need people with some particular traits in life, these trait might all be in one person. Friends are valuable, you really ever come across ones that are real. So, here is a list of ten types of people you need in life.

1. The Mentor.

The mentor is someone who as already done what you are trying to do and is successful, and has the willingness to share information to help you reach your full potential. This person points you in the right direction or guides in the right path.

2. The Cheerleader.

The cheerleader is someone who roots for you and gives you confidence when you’re doubting yourself. This person thinks you’re amazing. When you are low and discouraged yet, this person already trying to cheer you up.

3. The Optimist.

An optimist understands that life can be a bumpy road, but at least it is leading somewhere. Not only are they optimistic and and full of positive energy, they also inspire and encourage a positive lifestyle.

4. The Role Model.

The role model is someone who you look up to and can learn something from. The person whose very existence is a confirmation of possibilities to you. If you can’t find a good role model, try being one.

5. The Best Friend.

The best friend is someone who knows your truest heart’s desire and loves you for who you are. They’re always there for you from listening whatever you have to say to keeping whatever secrets you have.

6. The Dreamer.

A dreamer is someone who dreams to desire for something very new and essential for life. In fact, one cannot become a doer if they are not first a dreamer. This person inspires and encourage you to dream big.

7. The Strategist.

The strategist is somebody who knows you. Who knows what you want to do. And can beautifully pull out the answers you already have inside of you. They help you see what you know and strategize those.

8. The Believer.

The believer in everything you are. Everything you’ve done. Everything you can do. Believer in who you’ve been. Who don’t pull back when you succeed. They believe in humanity and they believe in you.

9. The planner.

The planner is someone who just get things going. They might be a friend with a mean spreadsheet template. They give you structure where you need it. Keep you committed and help you progress.

10. The Realist.

The realist is someone who accepts a situation as it is and is prepared to deal with it accordingly. Sometimes we overthink life or become overconfident about something. This person helps you know the reality of life and gets you in track.

“Be who you want to be, not what others want to see.”

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Author: Madhusudhan

Learner. Reader. Writer.