Ten signs that you are enjoying your work.

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Many people are taking jobs out of necessity rather than passion, it may be difficult to imagine that people exist who really love their jobs. Most people out there hate the work they do. Yet, some genuinely love their work. So, here is a list of ten signs that you are enjoying your work.

1. Time Flies.

Your time at work just flies. Sometimes, you don’t even notice it’s time to go home and chill. People who hate their jobs generally can’t wait to be released because they consider happiness to exist only outside of work.

2. Money is Not an Issue.

Even a dream job can turn into a nightmare if you’re not being paid well. People who’re in the right job don’t have this problem. You only have one life, so don’t waste it working somewhere you hate just because of the money.

3. You Don’t Care of Struggles.

Work can be a struggle. But when you enjoy your work, you don’t care. You love the struggle. You love coming back, refining, and the process of progression to get what you want. The end goal of producing something amazing is worth it.

4. You Feel Satisfied, Though Tired.

If you feel accomplished, happy and satisfied about producing something of value when you work and if that makes you tired, then that’s the sign you are enjoying your work. Where as you feel more exhausted and angry when you hate what you do.

5. You Never Complain of Work.

When you start enjoying your work you stop complaining about anything and everything related to your work. You become keen on seeing the positive side of every situation rather than falling into an unpleasant situation for no reason.

6. You Feel Like You Are Adding Value.

You feel good about yourself for having created something which helps someone. When you come up with unique ideas and create new things, you feel great about yourself. You feel a deep sense of gratitude for having added value to your work.

7. You Are Comfortable For Working Extra Hours.

Work no more feels like work once you start enjoying it. You cease in time and refuse to look at your watch. That’s when you give your cent per cent in producing quality work and contributing to innovative ideas and projects.

8. You Try to be Better Everyday.

You will always look for the ways to become better at it. You won’t regret spending time on seminars, self-education, tips from more experienced people, etc. If it seems boring to you, you probably should think of changing your work.

9. You Never Shut up About Work.

This is a pretty annoying habit but it’s a good sign if you’re constantly telling positive or funny stories about your job as long as you’re being sincere. You’re very engaged with the job and eager to share what you’ve been through with others.

10. You Recommend Your Work.

No one refers their friends to jobs they hate unless they also hate that friend. If you would recommend your job, career field or company to a friend or family member, you are usually happy at your job.

“If you are enjoying your work then you are already a successful person.”

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