Ten common myths about masturbation.

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The stigma attached to masturbation gives rise to various myths and misconceptions, ranging from vision loss and acne to infertility and pregnancy. This matter is barely talked about. So, here is a list of ten common myths about masturbation.

1. You Will Get Pregnant If You Masturbate.

No, you cannot get pregnant through masturbation. For you to get pregnant, the male sperm will have to enter your body through the vagina and fertilize the egg which will then get embedded in the uterus hence leading to pregnancy.

2. Masturbation Will Make You Infertile.

Another myth doing the rounds among men, who believe that masturbating too much will deplete the sperm count. This is not true. Masturbation has no impact on your fertility. But, excess masturbation may affect your sperm count.

3. Masturbation Damages Your Genitals.

Another extremely common myth, but is actually false. Masturbation involves stimulating your genitals, and damaging them in the process is highly impossible, unless you do something horribly wrong.

4. Masturbation Leads to STDs.

STDs spread through blood, breastfeeding and through exchange of sexual fluids. However, masturbation cannot lead to infections or diseases unless the objects you are masturbating with are not clean or unsanitary.

5. Masturbation Causes Acne.

Various misconceptions link masturbation to acne but this isn’t true. Breakouts, pimples and acne are not due to masturbation and are mainly dependent on hormones in your body.

6. Masturbation Leads to Loss of Vision.

This myth is perhaps the most ridiculous, yet the most common. There is no evidence to a link between masturbation and vision loss, masturbation is in fact extremely healthy for your physical, mental and sexual well-being.

7. Masturbation Damages Mental Health.

Masturbation does have an effect on our mental health. Any bad effect that masturbation may have on your mental health is the feeling of guilt which comes with the stigma attached to masturbation and the inherent belief that it is bad.

8. Masturbating Is Wrong If You Are in a Relationship.

There is nothing wrong with masturbating while being in a relationship with someone. In fact, this can help you recognize what you are comfortable and what you enjoy and communicate with your partner.

9. Masturbation Makes You a Pervert.

Masturbation is perhaps one of the most normal things to do and it does not make you a pervert. In fact it’s healthy and a personal thing. So, as long as you are not making the people around you uncomfortable, masturbation is absolutely normal.

10. Masturbation Is Unhealthy or Bad for You.

Masturbation is actually healthy for you. Besides the pleasure effect masturbation can help you relieve stress. Masturbation is an excellent way to explore your body and your sexual needs and desires.

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Author: Madhusudhan

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