Ten benefits of being in middle class family.

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We all know that being born in a middle-class family is an everyday compromise. Every time when we want something, we have to wait for years to get it fulfilled. Apart from these there is a positive angle in being middle class. So, here is a list of ten benefits of being in middle class family.

1. You Value Education and Knowledge.

My parents refuse to give me money to go and have some useless fun with my friends but they never refuse to give money if I want to buy a book no matter how much it costs. As most of the money is spent on our education we will understand its importance.

2. You Know the Value of Money.

Starting from childhood to the point you earn something, you know how to live on a strict budget. You have seen how your parents work hard day and night to make ends meet. So respecting money automatically inculcate into your mind.

3. You Know Sharing is Caring.

Since you are naturally short of resources in terms of money, you are asked to share your things or belongings with your siblings to avoid unnecessary expenses. And that will fetch you immense pleasure when you see their happiness.

4. Teaches Us Determination.

When you realize that people mocking you and your family. You want to break punch them on their face Simultaneously, saying, let the victory take the revenge. It teaches you channelize your anger for a better and successful future.

5. You Enjoy Small Things in Life.

We all know that “The more we have the less we appreciate”. As middle class people we never have more. We just enjoy all the extra things that we get in life, even we enjoy the small things that we have in life.

6. Thurst for Growth.

They never consider themselves a success. So, there is always a hope for improvement. A hope for more money, more comfort, a bigger house, etc. Some people may find it being too materialistic but this lay the foundation of a growth mindset.

7. You Know Both Sides of The Coin.

Being from middle class family exposes you to both sides of the world. We know how difficult it is to meet our needs and we also know how it feels to have facilities which still are only dreams for many. It makes us humble.

8. Helps You in Self Greed Management.

You learn how to sacrifice from early age. You just can’t demand anything since you are aware about family’s financial condition. This experience helps us in long run because the first lesson of self greed management is learnt from early age.

9. You Learn The Art of Bargaining.

Since every penny matters to you, you bargain hard to save whatever you can. That joy on the face when the shopkeeper gives you an extra discount and you save a bit extra is altogether a different experience.

10. Strong Bond Among Family.

A sad part is that middle class people can’t afford lavish bungalows. All they have to settle down with just enough place to eat and sleep. So, forget about any room of your own. On a brighter side, it increases bonding with family.

“Upper classes are a nation’s past; the middle class is its future.”

Ayn Rand.
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