Ten best ways to start a conversation with anyone.

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Most people find it hard to start a conversation with anyone, this is because they probably don’t know how to start. You can overcome it by learning to introduce yourself and having a few ready-to-go questions to start things off. So, here is a list of ten best ways to start a conversation with anyone.

1. Skip the Small Talk.

Try skipping small and regular talks if you want to start a conversation with anyone. Avoid tired and regular topics. Every situation is unique, so you should be able to find a unique conversation starter.

2. Ask For their Opinion.

Everyone has an opinion. For someone you don’t know well, start with light subjects like the food, the music, the atmosphere, etc. It’s probably best to stay away from sticky subjects, unless you already know the person very well.

3. Ask For their Advice or Recommendations.

This works very well when you want to start an conversation. Try asking for an advice or recommendations about something you have right there at the moment or prepare well in advance if you know the person.

4. Ask them a Question.

This is great when you know or find out that a person has expertise in a particular field. But avoid asking anyone to explain something super complex or difficult to answer. Even asking too personal things is bad.

5. Comment on the Environment.

No matter where you are, there are things to comment on, like the music, the food, the lights, the guests, and so on. Even if you are stuck in an elevator with someone, you can comment on the speed, the crowd, etc.

6. Ask For an Update.

If you know someone a little or know them by lifestyle, ask for an update on something you know they’ve been doing. Be it about the project they have been working on or the series they’ve been watching.

7. Avoid Asking Straight Forward Questions.

If your question is straight forward or can be answered with a simple yes or no, don’t be surprised if that’s what you get. Having follow-up questions ready can also help the conversation start and keep in flow.

8. Ask a Hypothetical Question.

These can be great conversation starters, but try to tie them into something happening at the event or in current events to avoid seeming too random. So, check out with some hypothetical questions if you want to try this approach.

9. Ask about their interests.

Most people love to talk about the things that are either important to them or something that they are interested to do. Be it about their plans, hobbies, interests, kids, pets etc., it works very well.

10. Body Language is Everything.

You’ll be a more successful in starting a conversation with anyone, if you look approachable. Try maintaining a good body language by putting a smile on your face instead of a serious look.

“Every good conversation starts with good listening.”

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Author: Madhusudhan

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