Ten best ways to convince anyone.

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There are countless books that all claim to hold the keys to convincing. They’re valuable resources for learning how to convince, but they tend to overcomplicate the matter and ignore practical methods of communicating effectively with people. So, here is a list of ten best ways to convince anyone.

1. Make Your Words Powerful.

The pitch itself needs to be full of words that actually elicit a response. You can do this easily by framing your statements around key phrases. So, make your words powerful when you are trying to convince someone.

2. Dress Up Well.

Nice clothes go a long way in helping you maintain confidence, even if no one is around to see you. The side effect is that being the most well-dressed in the room can result in talking down or being patronizing to people who are actually above you.

3. Focus on the Future.

Using future tense is a great way to establish confidence. It helps the other person know that you are moving forward and ready to carry out what you promise.  Try not to make decisions for the other person, but instead talk about possibilities.

4. Make Yourself Scarce.

People want what they can’t have. Make it clear that this offer you’re extending to them won’t last for ever, and they will be missing out. This especially works if you’re selling some kind of products.

5. Choose the Right Medium.

You’re trying to convince someone to do something they probably don’t want to do yet. This means that cultivating the environment for your conversation is quite essential. Study the person and determine how they prefer to communicate.

6. Speak their Language.

Listen closely to how the person talks and watch how they carry themselves. Choose your own approach accordingly and match that with your own relaxed style. Even body language should be matched effectively.

7. Repeat what they Say.

Prove that you are listening to and acknowledging the thoughts and feelings of the person you’re talking to. You can affirm their stance by simply saying words that express agreement or by nodding your head.

8. Do Something for Them.

People are more likely to help us out if they’re returning the favor for something we’ve done. You can do this before you even pitch anything. You should also return the favor, because you never know what’s being noticed about you.

9. Be a Master of Timing.

This goes along with getting to know the person you’re pitching to. Study them and find out the best time to talk to them. This is easier if you’re trying to convince a family member or friend because you understand them better.

10. Express Your Opinion Reluctantly.

Talk about what you used to believe, and what you believe now. Use your own learning experience as a story that they can model after. By doing this, you are pacing the conversation and giving the person assurance that this will work for them.

“Do not waste time trying to convince people who have their mind made up.”

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Author: Madhusudhan

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