Ten little things that show people you are smart.

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Whether we realize it or not, our actions say much more about us than words do. We judge each other based on the way we act, not the way we say we act. In the next few minutes we are going to see the things that show people you’re smart. So here is a list of ten things that show people you’re smart.

1. Showing Up On Time.

Showing up on time is the most simple indicator of all. If you’re late, you are disrespectful. Of course, It doesn’t matter much of a thing if the other party is luckily of the same type. But still, it’s always best to be the one on time.

2. Remembering the Little Things.

If you can recall the small stuff, people will think fondly of you forever. Something as simple as, “I got you black, no cream, because I remember you telling me you didn’t like dairy,” can really turn someone into your best friend.

3. Holding Up the Door Open.

There’s more to opening and holding the door for others than just leaving the door open. Such a small act like holding up the door open, with any human being, shows your willingness to put others before yourself.

4. Spending Money Wisely.

Money is all for enjoying yourself, but how you spend it is a very clear reflection of your values as a person. Like who or what you spend it on and also where or when you spend. All these can say a lot about you, whether you always realize it or not.

5. The food you eat.

What you eat and how you prioritize taking care of yourself says more about you than you might realize. It shows what matters to you. It also shows discipline and consistency. And speaks volumes about the relationship you have with yourself.

6. Dressing Appropriately.

Being overdressed is the same issue as being under-dressed. Take time to understand where you’re going and what the expectation is, figure out what is appropriate to wear. That way, you’ll present yourself in the best light possible.

7. Your Circle of Friend.

It is obvious that, what our circle is and who we associate with speaks volumes about our outlook on life, our beliefs, our goals, and what we find most important in life. If you want to meet the right people, then hang around the right people.

8. How you invest your time.

The activities you call your own are arguably the most powerful indicator to your priorities as a person. Make sure you spend your time working on yourself and your goals. We all are a reflection of how we invest or spend our time.

9. Being planned and organised.

Smart people often keep things planned in their lives. They make sure that they are perfectly organised and the ducks are in a row. This makes them stay clear and confident about themselves, which show people that they are smart.

10. Being adaptable.

Smartness also depends on being able to change one’s behaviors in order to cope more effectively with your environment or make changes to the environment you’re in. This gives them the ability to thrive in different environments.

“Smartness and intelligence will never stop being beautiful.”

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Ten reasons why startup businesses fail.

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Running a startup is a difficult endeavor for any entrepreneur, which means that you’ll experience a significant number of struggles in the early months and years of this process. In the next few minutes, we will see the reasons why startups fail. So, Here is a list of the ten reasons why startup businesses fail.

1. Lack of Planning.

While having a great idea should help you in the early stages of forming a startup, you need to combine this product with a comprehensive business plan if you want sustained success.

2. Expanding Too Quickly.

Expanding too quickly is among the more common reasons that startups fail to find success. Because they expand too quickly when they aren’t actually ready for the demands that come with expansion.

3. Hiring the Wrong People.

Startup businesses need to hire employees throughout the process if they want their business to properly handle growth. However, many startups will hire the wrong people who aren’t right for the job.

4. Lack of Adequate Funding.

While the initial funding for the majority of startups is comprised of personal income and investments from friends and family members, you’re almost certainly going to need to obtain outside funding.

5. No Online Presence.

Many startups fail because they focus only on delivering their product or service to the market without any thought of an online presence. It’s almost required that your startup has online presence.

6. Poor Product or Service.

You must either provide customers with an entirely new product that answers a problem or provide them with a product/service that’s a refined and better version of something else on the market.

7. Not Being Customer Focused.

Many startups will fail because they will not focus on the customer at the first place. If you want to obtain continued success, you should show your customers that they are important to your business.

8. Pricing conflicts.

When you are looking to set a price for a product or service that you offer, it’s important that this price will be appealing to your target audience and won’t conflict with what your audience expect.

9. Poor Management.

Many startups will fail to find long-term success because they’ve hired the wrong team to manage the company. you need to hire a good management team to assist you with running the business.

10. High Competition.

A highly competitive market will make it difficult for your company to be unique to customers. If your competition mainly consists of big companies, it’s highly unlikely to gain a significant share in the market.

“Whatever you are thinking, think bigger.”

Tony Hsieh.
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Ten most in demand skills for small businesses.

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Startups and small businesses create a lots of work opportunities, if you have the right skills required for that you can grab a better opportunity. In the next few minutes we will see what are the most in demand skills. So, Here is a list of ten most in demand skills for small businesses.

1. Copy Writing.

Copy writing is the act of writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing. The product, called copy or sales copy, is written content that aims to increase brand awareness or the sales.

2. Funnel Bundling.

Funnel bundling refers to the buying process that companies lead customers through when purchasing products. It is the process through which a company finds, qualifies, and sells products to buyers.

3. Coding.

Coding is the process of creating instructions for computers using programming languages. Coding is used to program the websites, apps, and other technologies that we interact with, in our daily life.

4. Content Creation.

Content creation is the process of identifying a new topic you want to create about, deciding which form you want the content to take, formalizing your strategy, and then actually producing it.

5. Brand Building.

Brand building is the process of creating awareness and promotion of the services of a company through direct advertising or sponsorship. Brand building strategies bring consumers closer to the brand.

6. Email Writing.

Email writing involves composing, sending, storing and receiving messages over an electronic communication system. Emails are preferred over other communication forms as it is cheaper and faster.

7. Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing is the component of marketing that utilizes internet and online based digital technologies such as computers, mobile phones and other digital media platforms to promote products and services.

8. Graphic Designing.

Graphic designing is the act of creating visual concepts, using computer software or by hand, to communicate ideas or information. They develop interactive and captivating experience to the users.

9. Video Editing.

Video editing is the manipulation and arrangement of video shots. Video editing is used to structure and present all video information, including films, television shows, and video advertisements.

10. Data Management.

Data management is a process that includes acquiring, validating, storing, protecting, and processing required data to ensure the accessibility, reliability, and timeliness of the data for its users.

“The great aim of education is not knowledge, but is action.”

Herbert Spencer.
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Ten best books for coming entrepreneurs.

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Entrepreneurs read books to reveal marketing secrets and get advice on business strategies, as well as develop necessary skills and get new business ideas. In the next few minutes, we will see what are the best books for entrepreneurs. So, Here is a list of ten best books for coming entrepreneurs.

1. Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a 1997 book written by Robert Kiyosaki. It advocates the importance of financial literacy, financial independence and increases financial intelligence to improve one’s business and financial aptitude.

2. Think And Grow Rich.

Think and Grow Rich is a 1937 book written by Napoleon Hill. It is a personal development and self-improvement book discussing principles to success in form of the philosophy of achievement.

3. The $100 Startup.

The $100 startup is a 2012 book written by Chris Guillebeau. The book shares ideas for living life in a non-conventional way and shows you how to lead a life of adventure, meaning and purpose.

4. The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is a 1989 book written by Stephen Covey. It is a business and self-help book, presenting an approach to being effective in attaining goals through principles.

5. How To Win Friends And Influence People.

How to Win Friends and Influence People is a 1936 book written by Dale Carnegie. It is a self-help book, describing the importance of good friends and business associations for good personal and professional life.

6. The 4-Hour Work Week.

The 4-Hour Workweek is a 2007 book written by Timothy Ferriss. It deals with lifestyle design and rejecting the traditional life plan in which people work for years and save money to relax after retirement.

7. Zero To One.

Zero to One is a 2014 book written by Peter Thiel. It is a updated version of a highly popular set of online notes taken by Masters for the CS183 class on startups, as taught by Thiel at Stanford University.

8. The Lean Startup.

The Lean Startup is a 2011 book written by Eric Ries. It explains a new approach to business that’s being adopted around the world. It is changing the way companies are built and new products are launched.

9. Outliers.

Outliers is a 2008 book written by Malcolm Gladwell. It is a self-help book, describing the stories of successful people. This book is a good read if you’re looking for some answers to the question of success.

10. The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck is a 2016 book written by Mark Manson. In it Manson argues that life’s struggles give it meaning, and that the positivity of self-help books is neither practical nor helpful.

“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.”

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Ten signs that you are a lazy person.

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A lazy person is someone who is unwilling to work or showing a lack of care in the things they do. In the next few minutes we will see what are signs of being lazy. So, Here is a list of ten signs that you are a lazy person.

1. You Spend Too Much Time On TV And Social Media.

watching TV and checking updates on social media can be fun and relaxing. The problem is overdoing it. So if you are spending too much time watching TV and using social media, beware, because it is a clear sign of laziness. Get rid of it.

2. You Delay Doing The Work And Wait Until The Last Minute.

If you delay doing the work and wait until the last minute, you know that you are someone who procrastinates. Thus, if you always delay your work and procrastinate, it may be a clear sign that you are a lazy person. And you should change this bad habit.

3. You Give Yourself Excuses To Skip Exercise.

Exercise is one of the most important activities that everyone should do. If you are giving yourself excuses like you are too busy and you don’t have the time just to skip the exercise then definitely its a clear sign of laziness.

4. You Do Not Set Goals And Plan For Your Future.

People who are lazy will not have any goals set to achieve in life and no plan for their future. They rather choose to watch YouTube and admire how others are living the kind of life that they want than to take serious action about their goals.

5. You Do Not Finish The Books You Read.

Lazy people don’t read because they rather choose to do something that is more convenient like watching the movie or drama. Even if they start reading a book they don’t finish the book completely. This behavior indicates clear sign of laziness.

6. Your Workplace And Living Space Are Disorganized.

If your workplace and your living space are disorganized and in mess, it shows that you are a lazy person. It is not that you don’t have enough time to organize or do the cleaning, it is because you have made it a habit to make it that way.

7. You Are Bored With Your Weekends.

If you are bored with your weekends and feeling like you have nothing to do during your weekends and all you do is sleep, play games, and watch the TV, then you must know that you are a lazy person and also mindlessly wasting your weekends.

8. Taking A Break Often, Especially When Things Get Serious.

If you are taking breaks very often, especially when things get serious or even you have something important to do, then its a clear sign of laziness. Stop escaping from work and get the things done you are supposed to do without procrastinating.

9. You Are Always Looking For Someone Else To Do Your Tasks.

A lazy person is always looking for someone else to do their tasks. If you are a kind of person who never want to do their work and even completely depend or rely on others to get your work done. Then its a clear sign of laziness.

10. You Do Not Take Care Of Your Physical Presence.

If you don’t take care of your physical presence, it shows that you are a lazy person too. You may disagree with me on this, but studies say that someone who takes care of their physical presence is someone who is not lazy.

“One reason people succeed is that they have knowledge, other people don’t.”

Tony Robbins.
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Ten reasons why you should learn English.

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English is an important language for all kinds of professional and personal goals. In the next few minutes we will see why English is a good language to learn. So, here is a list of ten reasons why you should learn English.

1. Universal Language.

English is without a doubt the actual universal language. English can be understood almost everywhere among scholars and educated people. All over the planet people know many English words, their pronunciation and meaning.

2. Easy To Learn.

Learning English is easy compared to other languages because English is such a widespread language and is found all over the globe, the resources you can use to learn English are endless. There are tons of resources on the Internet for free.

3. Career Opportunities.

Many large companies around the world require that their employees speak English. In some cases, these companies are requiring their workers to only use English. Not to mention, English is great for careers with travel, tourism and hospitality.

4. Educational Opportunities.

Since English is spoken in so many different countries, there are thousands of schools and universities around the world that offer various programmes and courses in English. If you speak English, there are lots of opportunities for you.

5. Over 2 Billion Active Speakers.

One in five people in the world can speak or at least understand English. There are over 500 million native speakers and over 2 billion active speakers. It is the world’s most spoken language and the official language in 70 countries.

6. Language Of Media Industry.

English is the international language of media and arts. Many of the world’s biggest news outlets, including TV, newspapers and magazines, are produced in English. Some of your favourite films are probably English-language. 

7. Language Of Internet.

Most of the content on the internet is written and created in English. So, if you want to access or consume as much as possible for yourself, without relying on translations, it’s the most powerful language you can learn today.

8. Language Of Aviation & Tourism.

Learning English makes it much easier to travel anywhere you want. Airplane announcements, train timetables, street signs and emergency information are often translated into English, particularly in countries that use different language.

9. Improves Understanding Of Science.

If you want to learn, publish or speak with authority in the sciences, you must learn English. Science research is primarily published in English, and most abstracts are written in English. So that international scientists can read them.

10. Exercises Your Brain.

If nothing else, learning English will make you smarter and keep your brain strong. Scientists have been demonstrating that bilinguals are able to understand concepts quicker and get better scores on tests. Who would not want that?

“Knowledge without practice is useless. Practice without knowledge is dangerous.”

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Ten most costliest items on the dark web.

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There are some of the items you can purchase on the dark web, ranging from a minute $1 to a whopping $1M. Here is a list of ten most costliest items on dark web. This ranking is based on community discussions and relevant sources.


1. Attack Gorilla ($400000 PI)

Attack gorillas are very huge in size compared to human. Their muscular body always makes you feel that they have superhuman strength to even take out ten humans in one stroke but mostly they are gentle in nature, because of being herbivorous.

2. One Pound Bear Bile ($210000 PI)

Bear bile is a digestive fluid produced by the liver and stored in gallbladder, it has been used in traditional Asian medicine for thousands of years. It contains high levels of acids useful for treating liver and gall bladder conditions.

3. Human Heart ($200000 PI)

There is a worldwide shortage of organs available for transplantation, yet the commercial trade of human organs is illegal in all countries. You really can’t get a body part more valuable than the heart. This organ fetches the top price in organ trade.

4. Human Liver ($100000 PI)

There is a worldwide shortage of organs available for transplantation, yet the commercial trade of human organs is illegal in all countries. Liver also is as valuable as heart. When you’re fighting for life, You would pay anything for a transplant.

5. Make Someone Disappear ($60000 PI)

It involves an illegal agreement between two or more parties in which one party agrees to make the target disappear in exchange for money. To make someone disappear without a trace so nobody will ever know what happened to them.

6. Live Tiger ($50000 PI)

But almost every part of the tiger is valued in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Most of the skins end up in China, too, used for high-end luxury decor. Tigers are part of a massive wildlife trade that’s run by international crime syndicates.

7. Murder ($45000 PI)

Murder, is which one party hires another party to kill a target individual or group of people. It involves an illegal agreement between two or more parties in which one party agrees to kill the target in exchange for money.

8. Komodo Dragon ($30000 PI)

The Blood of Komodo Dragons has protein fragments that have antimicrobial properties that help them resist toxic bacteria, and they could be used to develop new drugs to counter antibiotic resistance, researchers have found.

9. Elephant ($28000 PI)

Despite a ban on the international trade in ivory, elephants are still being poached in large numbers. Tens of thousands of elephants are being killed every year for their ivory tusks. The ivory is often carved into ornaments and jewellery.

10. Human Skull ($20000 PI)

Medical universities and institutes need it for practical experimentation and examination purposes for its students. human skull and other body parts have historically been used in the recipes to create traditional medicines.

“Knowledge is having the right answer. Intelligence is asking the right question.”

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Ten best apps to learn courses online.

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Technology has revolutionized the way we live, so is our education. We are adapting new technologies, changing the way we learn and study. Online education is one such technology where we can have access to knowledge and skills in almost every field. Here is a list of ten best apps to learn online courses.

1. Udemy

Udemy is an online learning platform featuring 130,000+ video courses taught by expert instructors. Take courses in anything from programming languages like Python, and Java to personal development classes like design, drawing, writing and yoga.

2. Coursera

Learn anywhere with Coursera. Access more than 2,000 courses and Specializations developed by 140+ of the best colleges and universities in the world, and advance your career by mastering subjects from Python programming and data science to photography and music.

3. Linkedin Learning

Grow your skills with LinkedIn Learning. Explore over 16,000 expert-led courses, available both for free and with a subscription. Learn on the go with the LinkedIn Learning app. Get the skills you need to succeed by watching bite-sized video courses anytime, anywhere.

4. Unacademy

Unacademy, India’s Largest Learning Platform is your companion through your exam preparation journey. On the Unacademy Learning App, you can attend Live Classes by Top Educators, get your doubts cleared, test your preparation and much more.

5. edX

edX is your trusted platform for online education and learning. home to more than 20 million learners, the majority of top-ranked universities in the world, and industry-leading companies, offering 2000+ online courses.


BYJU’S – The Learning App is the world’s largest platform for school students with 42 million registered users.The app offers comprehensive learning programs in Math and Science for students. It also has test prep courses for competitive exams.

7. Khan Academy

With Khan Academy learning app you can study math, science and more at your own pace, anytime, and completely free.Over 10,000 videos and explanations, on math, science, economics, and more.

8. Cursa

This application brings together several video lessons totally free so that users can learn in a practical and quick way on various subjects. Moreover, after attending all classes of the course it is possible to issue a certificate of conclusion.

9. Shaw Academy

Shaw Academy is an online learning platform offering online courses taught by expert instructors. Take courses in anything from photography and photoshop to English learning courses. Advance your career and gain an online certificate by mastering subjects.

10. Skillshare

Explore your creativity on Skillshare, an online learning community where millions come together to take the next step in their creative journey with thousands of inspiring classes on topics like drawing, calligraphy, photography, graphic design, icon design, and more.

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“Education is the key to unlock golden door of freedom.”

George Washington Carver.

Ten signs that you might be stupid.

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It’s highly important to be smart and genius in this competitive world, you can’t achieve your goals if you are too stupid. Here is a list of traits of a stupid person, start changing if you have any of those.

1. You talk more than you listen.

If you are talking more than listening what others have to say, then you might be a stupid.

2. You don’t focus on something for hours.

If you cannot focus on something for a long time and give up on that, then you might be a stupid.

3. You don’t adapt to challenges easily.

If you are not easily adaptive to the challenges or situations you face, then you might be a stupid.

4. You think that you know everything.

If you think you know everything and never have questions or doubts, then you might be a stupid.

5. You are not curious.

If you are neither curious nor interested towards learning new things, then you might be a stupid.

6. You are narrow-minded.

If you are not willing to listen to or tolerate other people’s views or opinions, then you might be a stupid.

7. You wan’t people around you.

If you are always socialized or want people around you for timepass, then you might be a stupid.

8. You don’t have self-control.

If you are always influenced by external factors and loosing self-control, then you might be a stupid.

9. You don’t worry at all.

If you are not worrying about something and at the same time if you don’t have an answer for the same, then you might be a stupid.

10. You depend on others a lot.

If you are too much dependent on others and cannot do most of the things by yourself, then you might be a stupid.

” It’s not that I’m so smart, It’s just that I stay with problems longer. “

-Albert einstien.
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Importance of Knowledge & Skills in our life.

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As we all know that having knowledge and skills is considered as one of the important aspect of our life by a majority on the earth. So in the next few minutes we will have a quick walk-through on knowledge and skills, giving you the most out of this so called or a truly important aspect.

What are knowledge & skills?

Knowledge is the treasure of a wise man.


Knowledge refers to learning concepts, principles and information regarding a particular subject by a person through books, media, encyclopedias, academic institutions and other sources. Talking about skill, it refers to the ability of using the knowledge or information and applying it in a context.

Why are knowledge & skills important?

The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.


Knowledge is very important because it makes the difference, it has a great impact on the way people do things and conduct themselves in the society, it broadens one’s perspective and builds ones intellectual muscles, it breaks barriers and opens doors for one’s growth and development.

Skills are also as important as knowledge, because you can invest in them, and if you are an expert in that particular field, you can earn a lot of money and fame.Having a skill or talent is greatly appreciated by people. Your self-esteem increases and you become happier.Some skills may also save lives.

How to be knowledgeable & skilled?

Knowledge comes with learning and skills with experience.


First of all, find out what subject it is that you want to gain knowledge and determine the skills to improve upon that knowledge. You can find mentors or you can read books about your chosen field. Then again, you can always search the internet. Just be always skeptical of the information that you receive because some of it are not always true and that will lead you to improve your knowledge-seeking abilities. And of course, you have to love the habit of always learning and not stopping to learn.

Read, learn everything that might be interesting for you. Make a challenge with yourself and learn something new everyday. Don’t waste time. The internet is like a large book filled with tons of information. Make use of it, the right way.

Not to mention, Sometimes, we miss our best skills and might think our talents are somewhere else. Be curious! Start small. Everyone has started from ground zero.

“Share knowledge, Share power.”

Team Flairhead.
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