Ten reasons to spend time alone.

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We spend most of our daily lives with other people. The day is filled with different responsibilities and duties, and it is getting harder to find time for yourself. Enjoying life and being successful starts with having a good relationship with yourself. So, here is a list of ten reasons to spend time alone.

1. Get To Recharge.

Often times when we’re surrounded by other people, we’re expending a lot of energy. A little alone time lets you recharge and take a break from the emotionally and mentally taxing job of constant interaction.

2. Reflect More Often.

Your life is always moving at a crazy fast pace. So fast in fact, that it’s probably rare when you have a moment alone to sit and reflect on your life. Being alone gives you the perfect opportunity for a little self reflection.

3. Get in Touch with Your Own Emotions.

When you start to enjoy being alone, you’ll gain a greater perspective for your own emotions. You’ll create a deeper understanding of what makes you happy, what upsets you, and what saddens you.

4. Start Doing Things You Actually Enjoy.

When you’re constantly in the company of other people, you’re always making compromises. So it’s easy to enjoy being alone once you realize that doing so gives you more freedom to do the things you actually want to do.

5. Become More Productive.

Being in the company of other can seriously affect your productivity. Time spent alone can be some of the most productive time in your life mostly because there are less distractions, and you can just put your head down and get to work.

6. Enjoy Your Relationships Even More.

When you spend time alone on a regular basis, and eventually start to enjoy being alone, you’ll enjoy your relationships with other people even more. And that’s because the time spent alone gives you a greater appreciation for yourself.

7. Feel More Independent.

Once you enjoy being alone, you’ll feel more confident in your ability to actually be alone. And that naturally leads to you feeling more independent. You won’t feel the need for constant interaction with people.

8. Get a Break.

Life is filled with relationships, and most relationships only last when both people are kept happy. Once you’re alone, the only person’s happiness you have to worry about in that moment, is your own.

9. No Apologies For Anything.

So often, we do things that end up upsetting other people, or hurting someone else’s feelings, and then have to quickly apologize for it. But when you’re alone, you don’t have to apologize for anything.

10. Stop Looking For Validation.

People feel we the need to get validation from our friends and family before we take action. When you start to spend more time alone, you’ll learn to trust your instincts and make decisions without any third party validation.

“All great and precious things are lonely.”

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Ten best ways to love your life.

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Sometimes people forget being happy about life in search of the things they don’t have or the things they want. It’s important to love the life you have, as this will generally improve your happiness. So, here is a list of ten best ways to love your life.

1. Choose Happiness.

To start loving your life, make a conscious decision to start thinking more positively. It is important to remember that while you can’t always change what happens to you, you can change how you react to it.

2. Live In The Moment.

We are so busy remembering the past and worrying about the future. While learning from the past and planning for the future can be beneficial, try to make sure you are spending the majority of your time focused on enjoying the present.

3. Be Your Own Best Friend.

In order to truly love your life, you need to start to love yourself. We are sometimes disappointed about life. however, it is important not to be hard on yourself and blame yourself just because you feel something in your life hasn’t worked out.

4. Make Every Day Special.

Most people hate their lives, because of their bored and routine daily life. Don’t wait for special occasions to live your life to the full, start making every day count by living it to the fullest, the way you want.

5. Fill Your Time With Things That Matter.

Often we fill our time with the things we think we should be doing rather than the things we want to, which means we never quite get around to doing the things that make us happy, instead we do things for time being.

6. Practice Gratitude.

If you live your life in gratitude, you maintain an awareness of all things that are good in your life and focus less on what’s not working. When you acknowledge what is going right in your life, it’s impossible to become stuck in negativity.

7. Become A Problem Solver.

Many of us fall into the habit of spending lots of time discussing and moaning about our problems, but very little time thinking of ways to solve them. Rather than viewing yourself as victim, turn yourself into a problem solver.

8. Know Your Limits.

To enhance your happiness, know your limits and learn how to say no, whether you need to report a task in work or turn down an invitation to a social event. It is better to know your limits and priorities in life.

9. Challenge Yourself.

We rarely, ever challenge ourselves or do anything that makes us feel truly alive. If you Add some excitement and a sense of adventure to your life by stepping out of your comfort zone and setting yourself some goals and objectives.

10. Appreciate The Small Things.

We often spend our time looking forward to the next big thing in our lives and awaiting our next shot of happiness. However, to truly love your life you need to start appreciating every day and those little things that make you happy.

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.”

Oscar Wilde.
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Ten best things to do before you die.

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If you’ve got the time, the guts, and in some cases lots of cash, then there are few things that you’ll need to get started on to do straightaway. There are few best things in this world to explore before you leave this world. So, here is a list of ten best things to do before you die.

1. Take a Pilgrimage.

Many people of all faiths make pilgrimages, often to a shrine or place of significance, to experience spiritual enlightenment and deeper understanding of their beliefs. Beauty of pilgrimage is meeting people of diverse backgrounds.

2. Take an Antarctic Cruise.

Antarctica is one of the most epic, awesome landscapes you can experience on Earth. It’s genuinely magnificent. The place has resisted human colonization, and that makes it all the more magical. Imagine how great is a cruise in mid ocean.

3. See the Pyramids.

Pyramids are the only ancient ones left standing. It is a marvel of human engineering and construction, and its sheer size and scale rivals any structure built within the last few hundred years, which makes them worth visiting.

4. Go Skinny-Dipping.

Skinny-dipping simply means to swim naked and is perhaps one of the most invigorating and freeing things a person can do. This thing comes with some legal aspects, make sure you check them before doing it.

5. See the Northern Lights.

The Northern Lights divert you from typical nature views such as greeneries and oceans, since it can’t be seen in all parts of the world unlike these mentioned. Also, the Northern Lights is the best place to experience stress relief.

6. Float in Dead Sea.

One of the most unique experiences the dead sea has to offer is fun, free, and available all over there. Floating in the Dead Sea is a must do thing before you die. Just lay back, relax, and enjoy this natural phenomenon.

7. Travel Somewhere Alone.

Solo travel gives you a chance to listen to your gut and control what direction you want to head. Go out in the nature for a week and be all alone. Away from everything, technology, people, everything.

8. Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride.

Riding in a hot air balloon is nothing less than a fantasy for many. This activity has tremendous aesthetic appeal, sighting incredible scenery from high above in the open air, floating in a basket being carried across the skies, like an alien ship.

9. Produce something.

Producing something on your own is a great feeling that can’t be explained in words. Be it growing your own vegetables or making a small furniture item by yourself from the scratch is thing worth doing.

10. Love Deeply.

Tell the people in your world be it family or not, tell you love them. Love someone whole heatedly for once in your life. It’s the most worthy thing in life. Spread a little love around, it will cost you nothing but will give so much in life.

“Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit.”

Frank Borman.

Ten inventions that changed the world.

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Humans have been innovating since the dawn of time to get us to where we are today. Modern Homo sapiens have dreamed up and created some amazing, sometimes far-out, things that changed the way we live. So, here is a list of ten inventions that changed the world.

1. Wheel.

The wheel has changed the world in incredible ways. The biggest thing that the wheel has done for us is given us much easier and faster transportation. It has brought us the train, the car, and many other transportation devices.

2. Nail.

Nail is another invention that changed the world. Invention of nails that dates back to the Ancient Roman period, we can now build almost everything with nails. It was in the Roman period that people could cast and shape metal.

3. The Compass.

The compass made navigation easier by showing which direction is magnetic north and how it was relative to a map. With this tool you always had the guarantee of knowing how to go back if things go wrong.

4. Personal Computer.

Computers have changed the world in many ways. They allow huge amounts of information to be stored in a small space. They also allow a person to calculate mathematical problems with ease.

5. Printing Press.

Printing press enabled people to share knowledge more quickly and widely. The invention of the mechanical movable type printing press helped share knowledge wider and faster than ever before.

6. Automobile.

The obvious change for everyday people was that cars gave them a way to get around quickly. This mode of transportation that could get them more places, which meant leisure travel became something common folk could afford.

7. Vaccine.

vaccines annually prevent almost 6 million deaths worldwide. Invention of vaccine lead to increased knowledge of biological processes, development of safer practices, and increased necessity in the event of outbreaks and epidemics.

8. Telephone.

The telephone is one invention that changed the world and opened a wide world of communication. Many businesses benefited from the additional communication options that became available after the invention of the telephone.

9. Refrigeration.

The refrigerator increased the efficiency of the icebox. It allowed people to buy and store fresh food products in a safer environment. As a result people were able to consume better foods for example fresh produce, eggs, and meats.

10. Camera.

The camera helps to create and preserve memories of historical and sentimental value. Cameras became a great tool for everything from preserving memories to scientific research. All these were made possible by the camera.

“Imagination is the foundation of all invention and innovation.”

J.K Rowling.
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Ten basic survival skills you should have.

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Every once in a while, disaster strikes. Whether there’s a storm that knocks out your power or you just get lost by wandering too far in the forests, a very bad situation can be tackled out if you just know a few basic survival skills. So, here is a list of ten basic survival skills you should have.

1. Finding & Purifying Water.

Nothing is more important in a survival situation than having suitable drinking water. Humans can survive weeks without food and can live entire healthy lives in temporary shelters, but without water we can die in just a matter of hours.

2. Starting & Protecting A Fire.

Second only to finding suitable water, the ability to make fire is one of the absolute most important and useful skills anyone can develop in the case of an emergency. It’s important survival skill for you to know how to start and protect a fire.

3. Building A Temporary Shelter.

Hopefully, if you get lost in the woods, you can find your way back to civilization in less than a day or so. If not, however, you’ll probably want to know how to build a shelter to protect yourself from dangerous elements like rain, cold, wild etc.

4. Navigating & Reading A Compass.

Let’s assume a worst case scenario that you’ve lost your path in a forest or somewhere far away from the human civilization. Its important survival skill for you to know how to read a compass and navigate the world surrounding you.

5. Searching & Hunting Food.

In the case that your emergency survival situation stretches into days or sometimes weeks, you’re going to need to know how to find and catch food to keep yourself alive. It’s important skill to find and catch food to keep yourself alive.

6. Camp Cooking.

Even if you do catch some wild stuff, you can’t just eat it raw, unless you want to risk getting parasites or other diseases carried by those animals. It’s important that you know both how to cook in the wild and what’s safe to eat.

7. Dressing A Wound.

Being injured in an emergency situation is arguably the worst thing, because it just compounds everything that’s already bad about the situation. In such a situation, knowing how to dress a wound would be highly helpful.

8. Tying A Knot.

This is an absolutely underrated skill not just for survival, but for a number of different leisurely or sporting activities, including sailing, camping, rock climbing etc. And the applications can be incredibly helpful in a survival situation.

9. Sending Up a Survival Signal.

At times like when you have a heavy injury your only hope for getting saved is to maximize your visibility so rescuers can find you. Sending up a survival signal is first is a signal fire and the first rule is to put it out in the open for visibility.

10. Swimming.

Unfortunately there might be a need for you to cross a stream or a small river to go to the other side of the path to your destination. Swimming might be highly helpful survival skill in such scenarios. If swimming is still not the thing you know, learn it.

“The most important thing in survival is neither intelligence nor strength but adaptability.”

Charles Darwin.
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Ten weirdest phobias you can ever know.

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Whether it’s the common fear of spiders, the increasing fear of clowns or an instinctual fear of heights. Those are the more common phobias we hear about but some people have fears most have never heard of. So, here is a list of ten weirdest phobias you can ever know.

1. Nomophobia.

Nomophobia is characterized by feelings of anxiety that arise from being out of a phone’s range of service, not having one’s phone charged, having no credit on one’s phone or misplacing it.

2. Spectrophobia.

Spectrophobia is a fear of mirrors and one’s own reflection. This phobia is perhaps the fear of apparitions or ghosts being in the mirror, or low self-esteem related to one’s physical appearance.

3. Ablutophobia.

Ablutophobia is a fear of bathing, washing or cleaning oneself. People with ablutophobia avoid bathing and showering, which can cause unpleasant body odor and sometimes social isolation.

4. Arachibutyrophobia.

Arachibutyrophobia is the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth. As with all other phobias, the symptoms involve panic, dread, terror, anxiety, rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath.

5. Allodoxaphobia.

Allodoxaphobia is the fear of opinions. The phobia is believed to be associated with previous encounters wherein the person affected has not been able to properly express their opinion, or has had their opinion rejected.

6. Ephebiphobia.

Ephebiphobia is a fear of youth or teenagers. People with Ephebiphobia may perceive teenagers as out of control or dangerous. People with this fear may believe that teenagers are rude and unpredictable.

7. Plutophobia.

Plutophobia is a fear of money or wealth. People with plutophobia may fear becoming wealthy themselves or have a fear of wealthy people. They generally dread money itself and having to deal with money.

8. Chorophobia.

Chorophobia is the fear of dancing. It also manifests itself into a fear of any situation, event or person that is associated with dancing. The phobia is usually associated with social phobias, particularly fear of crowds.

9. Linonophobia.

Linonophobia refers to the fear of string. As with all phobias, the fear stems from a negative association with the item. There is even an online test that helps determine the severity of linonophobia.

10. Ancraophobia.

Ancraophobia is the fear of wind. People tend to become anxious out of doors and near open windows. Anxious feelings can also manifest themselves when passing hand dryers or overhead air vents.

“Courage is knowing what not to fear.”

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Ten most addictive habits for humans.

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Addiction can not only happen with alcohol, drugs or other chemicals, it can happen with almost anything that stimulates the pleasure centers of the brain. There are several habits that are highly addictive. So, here is a list of ten most addictive habits for humans.

1. Sex.

Sex makes the top of the list since it provides the greatest release of endorphins and feel-good chemicals into the brain and throughout the body. Sexual activities can be highly addictive especially for young adults.

2. Shopping.

Shopping is another activity which releases plenty of endorphins into the body. Regular shopping can result in an addiction which will clear out your bank account and could lead to other problems.

3. Collecting.

Beginning to collect too many items is often a side-effect of someone with a shopping addiction.  As item enter the home, no items are being thrown out or given away in order to create more room.

4. Gambling.

Everyone loves that rush you get when you win a bit on a scratch card or lottery. Winning makes everyone feel good and, for some, that can lead to a life spend chasing that Winner’s High over and over again. 

5. Pornography.

Pornography addiction is a response to someone chasing after the highness of sexual feeling. It isolates the users and prevents them from pursuing a meaningful real-world relationship with another adult.

6. Risk Taking.

There are people who love taking risks and engaging in adventure activities. But, some people become addicted to that adrenaline rush and begin to chase after it just as a drug user chases after a chemical high.

7. Eating.

Eating is often called one of the most basic pleasures in the world.  But eating disorders born out of addiction to food can be destructive. This can cause problem not only psychologically but also physically.

8. Work.

For most people, work is simply another part of their busy lives. But some people become so focused on their work that the families are ignored and even a person’s personal health can be compromised.

9. Games.

Gaming systems now appeal not only to children or teenagers but to many adults and, in some cases, they can become so addictive that people allow their friendships and family relationships to suffer.

10. Internet Surfing.

Surfing the Internet can become addictive to some people. Too much of online surfing can lead to problems in their own relationships, connecting with and relating to people directly can be difficult.

“Addiction makes you blind to your reality.”

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Ten signs that show your maturity.

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Maturity is a state when an individual is in a position to realize what is happening around them, to understand the reasons behind those happenings and not being effected by those happenings. Maturity doesn’t come easily and not to everyone. So, here is a list of ten signs that show your maturity.

1. You Discuss Ideas, Not People.

Given our human tendency to talk about people in conversations, it’s rarely a good idea to talk about others. But when your conversations make the shift to primarily idea-based, your level of satisfaction in life is sure to go up.

2. You Care Yourself More.

Self-love is an appreciation for not only all that’s great about you, but also your imperfections. Loving yourself enough to put in the work to refine it is always great. Be happy with what you’ve got, while you pursue what you want.

3. You Forgive More.

Forgiving someone in due time is an invitation to love and peace. It saves us from the unwanted pain and helps us overcome the damage to be able to grow. Forgiving also lets us become a better person and appreciate what we have.

4. You Don’t Force Love.

Love is a two sided feeling so you actually can’t force anybody to love you or reciprocate with the same feeling. But this is about you when you realize the above, you are worthy of love and it is not your ego to work on someone to love you.

5. You Don’t Judge Easily.

We must recognize that we are all imperfect and it is okay. Most people judge others too quickly. If you do like the most people does you can end up thinking wrong about someone. Perception without knowing is always wrong.

6. You Accept Failure or Rejection.

Most people often do not accept heartaches like failures or rejections. Heartbreaks are an emotional part of life. We all have gone through in our life. Recover over that and move with the time. Maturity is when you start accepting these heartaches.

7. Small Talks No Longer Excites You.

A mature person grows up with time so he will not jump on small talks with excitement. He knows the true value of time, also where and when to spend that valuable time. Just spend your time in what’s necessary, not for every simple thing.

8. You Become Open Minded.

Open minded person accepts people with open heart. All difference arises just because people are not ready to understand. A mature person looks at things with more open minded, which lets them understand the situations easily.

9. You Respect Differences.

People of make fun of those who are different or having differences with them. No two person can be the same, even if you look at your hands. You will see that your fingers are also not same. So we all should respect each other for who we are.

10. Your Happiness is With in You.

If you are a mature person then your feelings or emotions are no longer being influenced by external forces. Your happiness doesn’t depend on people it comes from the inner self. Happiness is something which comes from within one’s self.

“Maturity is not measured by age. It’s an attitude built by experience.”

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Ten things that will never change in life.

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There are some things you just can’t change, no matter how hard you try. You can only make a change, when the objective you’re working so hard to achieve is actually attainable. There’s a lot in life you just can’t change. So, here is a list of ten things that will never change in life.

1. The Lost.

You can replace a lost investment, or find a new mate, but there’s no point trying to change the fact that sometimes, what’s lost is gone forever. Quit beating yourself up and focus on developing things that can make a difference in your daily life.

2. Where You Came From.

Privilege is a real thing, there’s no denying it. You can’t do a thing to change where you came from and the circumstances or situation you were born into, but you control where you’re going. You might also have to fight harder than others.

3. The Past.

We can never change something that has already happened. There are no re-dos in real life like in the ones in the computer. Stop dwelling on the past, you can’t change it. Pull your socks up and keep moving. Yesterday is over. You can’t get it back.

4. You’ll Never Get the Best Always.

You’re always going to know someone with a nicer car, bigger house, better job, hotter partner, etc. Quit wasting your time trying to be someone you’re not. Life’s not a competition. Just accept that you’ll never get the best always.

5. Other People.

You can request, suggest, demand, but you can’t always change another person’s thoughts, actions, feelings and also what they say. You can’t make anyone like, love or forgive you. You can’t win their respect if they’re not willing to give it.

6. The World.

It’s nice and inspirational and all to think one person could actually change the world, but some things are just bigger than all of us. You can definitely make a difference in the world around you, that’s not a problem.

7. Getting Older.

Every single day of our lives, we get older and one day closer to death. It is inevitable. We cannot change this, even though some people try fighting this phenomenon. Getting older is a way to remind ourselves that time is precious.

8. Our Family.

We do not choose our family members, like we do with the friends. We had no choice in being born and who our father, mother, siblings, and extended family members are. Like it or not, we will be forever linked that way.

9. True Love.

True love will never change. This comprises of love between children and their mothers and love between couples. Love is the only thing that makes our loved one’s smile. Despite of the situations or conditions true love remains same forever.

10. Change Itself.

Lastly, we cannot change the fact that change itself is inevitable. Much of the depression, sadness and anxiety that people feel today is because they do not accept change. Accept the fact that everything changes at some point.

“Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change.”

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Ten life truths that we all need to accept.

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The reality is that life is both good, and hard. There are some hard realities that we will all have to know with in our time on this earth. These realities can actually add to life’s beauty and mystery if we can accept them and live. In the next few minutes we will see ten life truths that we all need to accept.

1. Happiness is Where You Are Now, Or nowhere at all.

It’s not a new relationship, it’s not a new job, it’s not a completed goal, it’s not a new car. Until you give up on the idea that happiness is somewhere else, it will never be where you are. Be happy with where you are and what you have.

2. Quitting is for Winners.

This is contrary to a popular opinion. Knowing when to quit or give up on something that isn’t working and moving on, is a very important skill that all people who win at life seem to have. But don’t quit because it’s hard.

3. If They Really Wanted You, They Would.

If you apply pressure, they will do what you want them to do. If you take the pressure off, you will see what they would rather do. Never waste your life fighting what someone else would rather do. Let them go, move on and do better.

4. Taking No Risk is the Biggest Risk.

You have to risk failure to succeed. You have to risk rejection to be accepted. You have to risk heartbreak to love. If you’re always avoiding risk, you’re risking missing out on life to nothing. You must take risks in order to live life to the fullest.

5. Call Yourself Out.

The most common reason why people keep making the same mistakes is because their insecure ego prevents them from taking responsibility for their own mistakes. You have to call yourself out to take responsibility and care yourself.

6. Closure is Your Choice.

Closure is not an apology, justice or answer. It is insecurity. If the situation made you feel awful, seeking closure by reopening it is insanity. Closure isn’t something they can give you. It is moving on and is your choice.

7. If You’re Happy Alone, You’ll Be Happier Together.

There is no type of affection that can fill the emptiness in a person who doesn’t love themselves already. Until and unless you have a healthy relationship with yourself, you will never make healthy decisions about someone else.

8. It’s Not Your Job To Fix Damaged People.

Your responsibility to help someone will never outweigh their responsibility to help themselves. But, it’s worth asking yourself why you agreed so strongly with someone that so desperately needed fixing in the first place.

9. Life Isn’t That Serious.

If you are taking life too seriously, worrying and trying to stay within limitations that were given to you, but not made by you, then you’re not really living. Make your own rules, don’t be afraid to try something new, and enjoy yourself.

10. Everyone Will Die.

We are living organisms that have a certain time to live. Many people pretend it is not true and are not appreciative of the time they have with others. Take a larger perspective and avoid small fights or pride and in turn have better relationships.

“In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.”

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